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Why do quality Brisbane driving schools use Drills
with Learner Drivers in Sherwood | Chelmer | Graceville |

Drills are activities that focus on a particular skill development and are essential in the early stages of driving to build a complete and safe driver. Every drill has a purpose and will help the learner do an activity well in a conscious manner until they eventually let their sub-conscience do the work. At this point they can move to other focus activities.

With over 50 drills listed here which may each take 3 to 30 minutes to cover the one activity, it is easy to see that about 10-15 hours can easily be spent on these important drills. When put to the Test many learners come up short on these very important activites, so consider seriously seeing a Quality Driving Instructor in the Sherwood Chelmer and Graceville area.

A sample of possible drills are listed below :

It is up to the Driving Instructor to develop or adapt these drills for each Sherwood Chelmer and Graceville Learner. They may see a need for many additional drills that will assist learners in the Driving School. We will help you by detailing a few of these drills on this website.

  • hand slide drill
  • slow S drill with moving to kerb and ref points
  • Turning corners drill
  • Right and left corners drill
  • Manual car seat position
  • Palming method drill for gears
  • clutch start&stop drill
  • clutch pause drill
  • Gear change to 2 nd drill
  • Extended to 3
  • apply system for slowing & changing to second on corners drill
  • AUTO& manual
  • smooth braking drill
  • Smooth acceleration drill
  • Practice moving away from and to kerb smoothly
  • Practice getting to 60k and stopping and staying
  • Handbrake& clutch drill on slight slope manual car
  • hill start drill for manual car
  • Static clutch control drill in manual car
  • Basic intro drive in traffic
  • Shoulder check drill & theory
  • motorway drive & merging
  • road position keep left & centre of lane
  • RH turn uncontrolled - GiveWay
  • RH turn controlled - GiveWay
  • Stopping dist at 60k, & 40k
  • slow speed gear changing In manual
  • shopping centre nose in
  • shopping centre reverse in
  • lane changing
  • slip lanes
  • rev park
  • straight reverse
  • turnaround
  • Uturns
  • secondary controls
  • Seat position
  • setting mirrors
  • entering & exciting car
  • passenger safety
  • judgement & decision making
  • roundabouts
  • following distance
  • scanning & look ahead
  • Collison avoidance
  • drive to conditions
  • reading signs signals
  • stop sign drill
  • Handbrake drill
  • slow speed gear change
  • driving in congested locations
  • driving in variable traffic
  • driving in altered traffic conditions
  • emergency stop
  • stopping distance drill
  • position - left turn
  • position - Right turn
  • Right foot position and use