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Moggill Driving School Instructor uses drills for training

Driving School Bellbowrie Moggill teaches clutch action for gear changes

smooth braking drill in Kenmore If you want to be a complete safe and smooth driver on a MANUAL car then one of the important skills is good clutch action for each gear change. It isn't as simple as push the clutch in quickly and bring it up slowly, because this is not efficient and it is too slow and leads to other problems. Let's learn to do it the best and efficient way for a road car.

As per our attached drill sheet we practice the clutch action in a static position at the edge of the road so that the Learner is not under any pressure while driving. When the action looks good we go mobile with the drill and try to get the action working mobile. Sometimes it takes some trial and error to get it right when moving along, but once the Learner does get it right then it will stay with them because they can see how quickly and smoothly the gear changes happen.

If you work with a quality Bellbowrie or Moggill Instructor they will monitor each gear change and assist you in the process of doing the clutch action very well. Everybody is different and some of the drills are easy for one person and make take a few goes for someone else to do well with it. You really have 100 hours to be the complete driver so just have some fun with your Learning in those first few hours and it will come together quckly for you. So if you would like to see the whole DRILL then read the pdf file below.


Moggill | Bellbowrie Driving School uses steering drills on roundabouts

steering roundabouts in Moggill When the Learner has the basic steering skills workng well on corners, the Learner can use those very same skills on roundabouts. We take the Learner to roundabouts in Moggill and work with them to use the pull-push steering method to navigate. We repeat the drill many times while the Learner develops this skill. We help them refine their technique while going around, but at some point we need to move on to a fresh activity and maybe revisit this activity later. Sometimes the repetition can start to get a little boring and a new activity keeps the interest rolling along. There are a lot of roundabouts in Brisbane and this is a good place for Learners in Bellbowrie and Moggill to get started on roundabouts.