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Practicing Driving School Drills with Kenmore Learners

We constantly do focus exercises or drills with our learners in Kenmore so they will become safe and confident drivers. One of the early basic drills we do is smooth braking. It is really a simple, quick and fun activity to do. Some of the Learners we meet that have a lot of hours in their logbook can demonstrate braking that may not be described as smooth. By doing this exercise the Learner can then identify when they don't brake smoothly and can work on correcting it the next time.

smooth braking drill in Kenmore The Smooth Braking Drill can be downloaded below and so we will only gloss over the exercise here. Typically we will only spend about 10-15 mins on practicing this drill and the Learner usually understands the difference between good braking technique and poor technique very quickly. After a few goes they can get really good with their braking. By doing simple drills like this it sets them up to do good braking beyond the 100hrs as a learner.

Off course you could do this drill with your Supervisor once you understand it and this one is not difficult. However there are a lot of important drills that you will need to understand and it is much easier if you work through them with a Quality Driving School Instructor in Kenmore.
Click here and download the BRAKING DRILL