Driver Trainer School

How should a Learner Driver approach the 100hours of driving in Chapel Hill?

An Ad-hoc approach to learning to drive is very unlikey to produce the best outcome. The results from Mum or Dad being your Driving Teacher can vary considerably. Some parents teach their kids good methods and techniques and others do not. If they teach you habits that are not the best, it can be difficult to turn those habits around.

Like most things we learn, we can do it much better with some really good help. You will get the best help from a Quality Driving School Instructor in Chapel Hill. In fact your learning process will be much more advanced in a very short period of time. If you get a little help from a quality Driving Instructor and then practice those skills with a parent or supervisor, it can make a big difference to your skill set. If you do a few Driving Lessons with a quality Driving School Instructor you will still have 60 or 70 hours left to do with your parent of supervisor, but the journey will be much easier and you will have more confidence in your skills.

As you get toward the end of your logbook hours you should do some advanced driving with a quality Driving School Instructor. You will need to be able to do some manoeuvres, apply good judgement and deal with various complex giveway situations before you go to the Driving Test. There is not much point doing a Driving Test just to find out your skills are short of the mark. However, more importantly you have many hours of potential driving ahead and you want the skills to do it safely.

Both Learners and Supervisor can be very busy at times, but it is really important to keep some flow going in your driving or you may lose confidence and then just dont want to do it. If you can only fit a half hour drive in a week at busy times that will be far better than no drive at all. To get through the 100hrs in a reasonable time you will need to try for more than an hour a week. Our recommendation when starting out is to do 2 hours with a quality Driving Instructor in Chapel Hill.