Driver Trainer School

What is the role of the Supervisor with a Learner Driver?

Let us start with a quote from a Queensland Transport website which says:
"As a supervisor, you don’t have to take full responsibility for teaching your learner to drive. You can choose to have an accredited driver trainer teach them more specific driving skills and techniques."

We would encourage all Learner Drivers to do at least the first two lessons with a Driver Trainer. This will allow them to get over some initial anxiety in a controlled environment with much less pressure and responsibility on their shoulders. They will learn a whole lot faster in this environment and also there will be less pressure on the Supervisor when they take on the role. If possible it is a great idea to do the first five hours with a quality Driver Trainer and this will allow the Learner to grasp many of the basic skills before the Supervisor takes up their role.

The Supervisor is going to be with the Learner for possibly 60-100 hours of driving, so the easier the journey is the better for both. We would prefer the skills to be learnt with a Driver Trainer and practiced with the Supervisor. In this situation, the role of the Supervisor is to be an advisor to the learner. The Supervisor will provide directions for the journey, watch out for pending traffic situations and provide alerts in the early phase of driving. Also there are skills to be practiced such as moving to the kerb, smooth gear changes, maybe hillstarts, and the Supervisor just needs to ensure the Learner is following the correct technique. The Supervisor can work with the quality Driver Trainer so that the Learner is getting the one set of information to work with when learning skills.